I’m grateful to partner with a range of colleagues on my projects and client assignments. Some of them have been kind enough to share some words of endorsement about my work.


Having worked with Andrés on and off for the last 13 years, he is a rare unicorn in the content marketing sector. A great strategic thinker, who knows digital, content and the power of earned storytelling inside and out. He has a level of creativity, integrity, positivity and knowledge that is second to none.

A valued colleague and friend, he is a fantastic, clear headed and inspiring manager, a confident and considered client lead and someone who you can rely on. One of the best.

Emma-Jane Granleese
Founder and Managing Partner at History Will Be Kind


The first thing to note about Andrés is his warmth, empathy for the challenge at hand and ability to create a positive atmosphere with the teams and projects he is working on.

Andrés has a unique blend of high creative expression and solid business logic and he brings both of those capabilities to a wide range of consulting projects. My team and business have worked with Andrés on a number of projects across content strategy & creation, workshop facilitation and live presntations to our prospects all of which were carried out with genuine professionalism.

Andrés approaches his engagements as a partner in pursuit of your goals and goes that extra mile to ensure you have every chance of success. I would particularly recommend him for founders of start-ups or very senior C Suite executives looking for strategic guidance on pivotal projects.

Justin Cannon
Co-founder and CEO at Cooperate


I had the pleasure of working with Andrés at Tourism Australia when I led their digital transformation program. Andrés was a key player in the success of this high-profile program as well as contributing more broadly to optimise TA’s overall digital strategy - beyond his remit of digital content.

I was impressed by the way Andrés was always looking for ways to improve Tourism Australia's digital experiences and operational efficiencies. He has a keen eye for detail, a natural and warm leadership style and is genuinely eager to ensure success for the whole team. I really enjoyed working with Andrés and would readily recommend him to others.

Mary Ramsay
Head of Innovation Programs at Stone & Chalk


I've known Andrés for around 10 years having worked with him in the technology media space and now in the media and marketing space, particularly with travel. He's always been one of the most professional people I have had the pleasure of dealing with - quick to respond with sharp ideas and a keen eye for detail. He's spoken at a range of the events I curate and I wouldn't hesitate to have him back. Highly recommended.

Damian Francis
Head of Paid Content at Mumbrella


In the emerging discipline that is content marketing, there are those who grasp the digital and technical side, and those that have an innate understanding of editorial. Rarely do you find someone who understands both. Andrés is a new breed of marketer who knows how to use impactful digital storytelling to drive genuine behavioural change.

He also knows how to deftly navigate the sometimes fraught world of client-agency relationships and to get the best from the multi-disciplinary teams working for him. Oh, and with his signature pocket squares he is guaranteed to be the best dressed man in any meeting he attends.

Lauren Quaintance
Co-founder and Head of Content at Storyation

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