Speaking engagements

My multi-disciplinary experience gives me a unique perspective on how to effectively blend lessons and insights from a range of different marketing approaches. I bring this knowledge to bear when planning and delivering presentations and keynotes at marketing events and various industry conferences.

I focus on provoking my audience to act in a different way or think about their brand’s marketing in a new light whenever I’m on stage. Regardless of whether the audience is in-house marketers and communicators, business owners or agency professionals, I want to make sure everyone in the audience walks away with at least one challenging thought or actionable lesson from my presentations.

Some of the topics I've spoken on

Leveraging search, editorial and behavioural insights in a new era of marketing 🤹‍♀️
How to integrate disparate content marketing techniques to re-focus your brand’s day-to-day content efforts on your audience

Your content is probably worse than you think 🤦‍♂️
How a data-led approach can reveal the truth about your content and help you optimise it for a better customer experience

Make your content pay 💸
Lessons from travel marketing about how to monetise a content program to sell products, understand the customer journey and create cost efficiencies

Audience first, customer second 🏅
Using data, story and technology to inspire meaningful connections and shift your marketing focus from customers to audiences

Marketing on the move: following the traveller on their journey 🗺️
Discovering how to best integrate physical and digital content experiences for travellers across all touchpoints of the path to purchase (in conjunction with The Destinationists co-host Lauren Quaintance)

Taking responsibility for overtourism - can travel marketers do better? ✈️
Understanding the role travel marketers play in overtourism and how they can take a more responsible approach to marketing (in conjunction with The Destinationists co-host Lauren Quaintance)

The new rules for luxury influencer marketing 🤳
Examining the best ways for luxury brands to identify the right influencers and how to leverage and measure influencer activity (in conjunction with The Destinationists co-host Lauren Quaintance)

Some of the events and organisations I’ve spoken at

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