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My approach to strategy work hinges on taking best practice from one industry or marketing vertical and applying it to others. As marketers, we often only focus on what’s right in front of us, despite the fact that a variety in approaches and tactics can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of our marketing.

That’s why I divide my time between a few projects to make sure I’m always learning and applying new ways of thinking and working to consulting assignments, speaking engagements and educational projects. Here’s a summary of what I’m working on right now.

Head of Strategy, Storyation

In this role, I’m responsible for Storyation’s client strategy projects across business and consumer brands, and in Australia and New Zealand. Storyation is an award-winning content agency built on the audience-first principles that media companies and journalists take to creating content. We’ve been nominated for best content agency in the world two years in a row at the Content Marketing Awards.

Co-founder, Content Leaders Academy

Along with colleagues and mates Trevor Young and Matt Allison, I’ve founded the Content Leaders Academy, built on the conviction that every brand needs a great content leader. We’ve drawn together the critical elements and techniques marketers and communicators need to be their brand’s content leader; no outdated textbook theory, just modern, accessible and relevant-to-real-life skills.

Producer and co-host, The Destinationists

I’m grateful to share the microphone with Lauren Quaintance on The Destinationists, the podcast for the modern travel marketer. Given we’re both massive travel and marketing nerds, Lauren and I were looking for a great podcast on the subject but couldn’t find one. So, we decided to start our own and focus on pulling out actionable, specific lessons for travel marketers around the globe.


Marketing strategy consultant

I consult to brands, sometimes acting as a ‘virtual CMO’, to design and manage strategies for brand and product activity, business leader profiling, content marketing initiatives, social media and digital marketing training and more. I particularly enjoy working with established startups to help them introduce their brands, products and people to the world for the very first time.

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